Activities I enjoy


I enjoy programming because it allows me to imagine, design, and build things faster than any other field. I learned to program my freshman year of college, and have been self teaching myself since then alongside my computer engineering degree. I think classrooms have a place, but I tend to learn best by building things on my own.


I grew up a Boy Scout, and am proud to call myself an Eagle Scout. The outdoors has always been where I feel the most calm, and I enjoy all sorts of activities outside.


I fell in love with skiing the very first time I stepped onto a mountain in the winter. Something about the snowy trees never ceases to make me feel like I have found paradise.


Growing up Longboarding was always a great way to cheat death at 45mph, one hill at a time. Nowadays it's still my favorite method of transportation between classes, and on urban sidewalks.

Ms. Pac-Man

The best set-top arcade game until you prove me wrong...

Rock Climbing

I like climbing & when I do go now I mostly visit a bouldering gym.