Satellite Web-Groundstation for Oak Ridge Institute of Higher Education (ORISE)

2012-2013 School Year - HTML/CSS, Javascript (jQuery), PHP, MySQL

After my internship in the summer of 2012 another intern and I were given the opportunity to continue with distance/part-time positions throughout the school year. During this time we developed a system to control CubeSat's from the web. It was designed to be usable on a tablet, phone, or computer. It also needed to be easily extensible by people who may not be familiar with web programming concepts.

We opted for a single page application that was updated asynchronously because it is often important to visualize large amounts of data at a time. In the backend the server is written in PHP. It manages handling a communication link with the satellite, and updating a MySQL database to store data so that it can be reviewed later. The server also accepts browser requests for the current readings on the satellite and responds accordingly.

The frontend is built on twitter bootstrap, because it provides a very structured way to write HTML which will allow non programmers to insert components into the framework if needed. Live plotting was incorporated using Flot Charts.

Unfotunately the backend is closed, and we were asked not to publish any documention for both the frontend and backend. However you can check out a live demo of the interface running without a data link (and consequently no charts) here.